Public Meeting 5 April 2016

HHCA First Meeting Attendees
Meeting Attendees 5 April 2016



SS introduced the interim committee, board and council representation and gave an overview of what had been achieved to date.  We then went around the room, introducing ourselves, where we lived and why we were present here tonight.  The reasons people described for attending and wanting to be a part of this Association included the following themes:

  • Care for others in our community on a day to day basis and also in emergencies
  • Become connected to one another and fight social isolation
  • Build a stronger more cohesive community
  • To help improve safety and security within our community
  • To increase democracy and have a voice with Council
  • Build a “heart in Hoon Hay” which currently has no central/focal point
  • Caring for our neighbourhood through ecology, design and connectiveness.

What is an RA and does Hoon Hay need one?
Phil Clearwater and Jay Sepia explained what is needed to formally create an association.  Peter Tuffley from the Beckenham Association also added some valuable input into how they set up and ran their committee. The specific details given included the following points:

  • to establish boundaries for your suburb,
  • Identify if you will establish an Incorporated society as this impacts funding that the Association is eligible for and how debt is handled,
  • Elect people for leadership roles
  • Identify how people want to contribute
  • Understand and agree to approximately 3-4 goals to focus on.

What is important to the community
SS facilitated a session where people identified what is important to the community.  We broke out into groups and chatted to someone we didn’t know first, then listed ideas on post-it notes, shared them on to the communal board and summarised the main themes present.

Read the full minutes here …Minutes_HHCA 5 April (1)





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