Link to Printable Word Document – HHCA Agenda 31 May

Meeting Agenda 3 May 2016 7.30pm please note meeting was postponed.  Now Tuesday 19th May.


Agenda topics

Next Meeting

Committee meeting
Tuesday April 31st May 2016, 7:30pm, 90 Hoon Hay Rd.

Set Agenda – these are the points that will be set each meeting (even if there is nothing to report)


  • Present and Apologies
  • Confirmation of Provisional Minutes
  • Action Plan Yay or Nay (any comments will be covered at meeting points)
  • Chair Person’s Welcome and Report
  • Treasurers Report including Funding
  • New Correspondence In
  • Constitution
    1. objects and one-three enduring goals
    2. membership, including boundaries
    3. Communication Strategy and Plan
  • Hoon Hay Hub – 90 Hoon Hay Road
    1. Use by committee
    2. Notice Board and Window Sign

Fluid Agenda – These are the items that can change at each meeting

  • Youth
  • Any Other Business
  • Next Meeting dates